Lily Collins Cast as Clary!

12/09/2010 21:19

That's right TMI fans! Cassandra Clare has just announced that Lily Collins will be playing Clary in the upcoming movie adaption of City of Bones

Cassandra Clare reported the following on her LJ:

"Just dropping an entry to announce that, as reported by Deadline, Lily Collins, who starred in The Blind Side and the upcoming Priest**, has been cast to play Clary in the movie adaptation of City of Bones. The producers and director have worked with her before and say great things, and I have to admit right now I haven't seen The Blind Side but am obviously going to go out and watch it NOW.

She is completely adorable and looks right for Clary to me."


So, now all we have to do is wait to see who will be cast next. Check back for more news!


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